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One of the largest hurdles to beginning yoga is determining what type of yoga you wish to undertake. It's typically confusing for beginners as a result of the category names and choices area unit therefore broad. Whereas the majority of designs use equivalent physical postures, everyone incorporates specific stress. This cheat sheet highlights the variations therefore you'll verify which kind is most appealing to you.

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One of the largest hurdles to beginning yoga is determining what type of yoga you wish to undertake. It’s typically confusing for beginners as a result of the category names and choices area unit therefore broad.

Whereas the majority of designs use equivalent physical postures, everyone incorporates specific stress. This cheat sheet highlights the variations therefore you’ll verify which kind is most appealing to you.

Of course, the simplest thanks to beginning doing yoga is to require a category for beginners.1 If your native studio does not indicate that categories area unit intermeshed toward newbies, quest advance that category goes to supply basic instruction applicable for somebody new.

If you are seeking out online videos, search specifically for beginner-level classes—almost all on-line yoga video platforms allow you to search by ability-level.

Just confine your mind, if you do not like your initial yoga category, that does not mean that you just and yoga are not meant to be. As a result of their area unit such a lot of completely different varieties of yoga and then many alternative instructors with their own approaches to teaching, it should take a couple of makes an attempt before you discover the proper work.

Given the various edges of an everyday yoga follow, if you do not like yoga abs Initio conceive to attempting many completely different categories before you write it off utterly.

Beginner Friendly choices

Aside from categories selected as “beginner yoga,” usually speaking, categories labeled as “Hatha” area unit slower-moving, thoughtful practices that specialize in basic, beginner-friendly poses.2 in fact, it is important to acknowledge that the term “Hatha” is truly a generic designation for any type of yoga centered on movement.

In America, virtually each yoga category is, technically, Hatha, therefore confirm you raise the teacher what you’ll expect before your top quality.

Vinnytsia categories area unit unbelievably standard, however, they incline to be faster-moving, which might be confusing for beginners WHO area unit unacquainted basic poses. If you wish to undertake a vinyasa category, hunt down a beginner-level version.

Finally, Iyana yoga could be a type of yoga heavily centered on correct alignment. This is often nice for people WHO people that folks that those who have injuries or who need to pay overtime obtaining every cause specifically right. You’ll expect plenty of instruction, which is nice for beginners.

Remember, any type of yoga may be dead appropriate for beginners as long as it’s selected a beginner category, therefore if your native studio offers rule or Forrest yoga, be happy to convey it as an attempt.

Simply make certain to let your educator recognize that you are new the follow. By giving him the heads up, he’ll recognize to stay a watch on you and to supply a lot of elaborated directions pro re anta.

Different designs Explained

You can attempt to establish your yoga sort or discern what your yoga temperament is to ascertain that of the subsequent designs is best for you.

Their area unit several to decide on from, however, do not let that intimidate you. Attempt a beginner-friendly category before branching out (if you wish to).


Hatha could be a terribly general term that encompasses any of the physical varieties of yoga. In modern yoga cant, Hatha has come back to mean a slow-paced and delicate means of activity.

Hatha categories area unit typically a decent place to start a yoga follow as a result of they provide AN introduction to the fundamental yoga poses in an exceedingly restrained setting.2

Vinyasa Flow

Like Hatha, vinyasa could be a general term accustomed to describe many alternative sorts of categories. Vinyasa tends to be a lot of vigorous type of yoga incorporating series of poses known as sun salutations, within which every movement is matched to the breath.

A vinyasa category usually starts with a variety of sun salutations to heat the body for a lot of intense stretching done at the top of sophistication. Vinyasa is additionally known as flow, in relevance the continual movement from one posture to ensuing.4


Founded in 1997 by John Friend, Ansari combines powerful stress on physical alignment with a positive philosophy supported a belief within the intrinsic goodness of all beings.5 categories area unit typically light-hearted and accessible, typically with attention on heart gap.

Unfortunately, Friend isn’t any longer related to Ansari because of his personal indiscretions. Ansari is currently a teacher-led yoga college and Friend has started a replacement yoga vogue known as Sridaiva (see below).


Ashtanga could be a fast, intense, flowing type of yoga-based by Pattabhi Jois within the 1960s6. a group series of poses is performed, continually within the same order. This follow is extremely physically exigent attributable to the constant movement from one cause to ensuing and also the stress on daily follow.

It was one among the primary yoga designs embraced by an oversized variety of western students and had been terribly potent within the evolution of yoga within the past thirty years.

Baptiste Power Vinyasa

Baron Baptiste could be a power yoga pioneer WHO studied many alternative varieties of yoga, martial arts, and meditation before developing along with his own distinctive yoga technique, Baptiste Power Vinyasa.

His vogue relies on five Pillars: vinyasa, Ujjain pranayama, heat, uddiyana bandha, and Drishti. Classes, that area unit conducted in an exceedingly heated space, area unit usually sturdy and wet.

Bikram/Hot Yoga

Hot yoga was pioneered by Bigram Choudhury, whose name became similar to yoga categories schooled in an exceeding space heated to ninety-five to 104 degrees.

The warmth facilitates the loosening of tight muscles and lush sweating, which is believed to be cleansing. The Bikram technique could be a set series of twenty-six poses, however, not all hot categories create use of this series.

Core Power Yoga

Core Power Yoga could be a chain of hot yoga studios based in Mile-High City in 2002. The whole is quickly increasing throughout us. Expect consistent instruction in a fashionable gym-like setting. A membership is sweet at any of their studios nationwide.


Based on the teachings of the yoga master B.K.S Iyengar, this type of following is all regarding conveyance of the body into its absolute best alignment, typically mistreatment props like yoga blankets, blocks, and straps to help students in mastering the correct kind.3

Iyengar practices typically emphasize holding causes over longer periods of your time rather than moving quickly from one pose to ensuing (as in an exceedingly flow class). Iyengar has been important within the development of recent yoga posture.


This type of yoga emerged within the Nineteen Eighties from one of the big Apple City’s known yoga studios. Jivamukti founders David Life and Sharon Gannon were influenced by the rigor of Ashtanga yoga together with vocalizing, meditation, and non-secular teachings.

They need to train several lecturers WHO have brought this type of yoga to studios and gymnasiums, preponderantly within the U.S. and Europe.

Jivamukti categories area unit physically intense and infrequently embrace AN sacred theme chosen by the teacher.


Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Forrest Yoga is that the technique schooled by Ana Forrest. The performance of vigorous posture sequences is meant to strengthen and purify the body and unharness repressed emotions and pain to encourage healing of physical and emotional wounds.

Expect AN intense exertion with stress on abdominal strengthening, inversions, and deep respiratory.


Kripalu is each a yoga vogue and a retreat center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. It could be a yoga follow with a compassionate approach and stress on meditation, physical healing, and nonsecular transformation that overflows into daily life7.

It additionally focuses on trying inward and moving at your own pace, creating a decent follow for folks with restricted quality because of age, weight, illness, or injury.


The emphasis in Kundalini is on the breath in conjunction with physical movement, to release energy within the lower body and permit it to maneuver upwards through all the chakras.

All posture practices create the use of dominant breath, however, in Kundalini the exploration of the consequences of the breath (also known as prana, which means energy) on the postures is important. Kundalini exercises are known as kriyas.


Integral could be a mild hatha type of yoga supported by the ideas and principles of Sri Hindu Satchidananda, WHO wanted to convey followers pointers on the way to improve their lives. In a trial to integrate mind, body, and spirit, categories additionally embrace pranayama, chanting, and meditation.

Moksha / Modo

Moksha hot yoga was based in Canada in 2004. In 2013, they modified the name of their related to U.S. studios to Modo Yoga. each design area unit supported a series of forty-five poses tired a heated space. The studio area unit is expected to stick to environmentally aware building and improvement standards and to foster a way of the community for his or her students.

Power Yoga

In the mid-1990s, many outstanding lecturers WHO were well-trained in ancient yoga were trying to find ways that to form flow yoga accessible to a lot of folks. The ensuing categories came to be renowned by the umbrella term of power yoga.

Power yoga was ab initio influenced by the intensity of Ashtanga however allowed for variation within the sequencing of poses at the discretion of the teacher.6 modern power yoga categories area unit basically vigorous vinyasa flow.


Restorative yoga makes use of props to support the body because it relaxes into poses over the course of many minutes. the thought is to remain in every cause long enough to encourage passive stretching. seated forward bends, mild supine backbends, and twists area unit samples of the kind of poses which will be tailored to be restorative with the addition of props like blankets and bolsters.


The first Sivananda Yoga Hinduism Center was based in 1959 by Hindu Vishnu-Sivananda, an addict of Hindu Sivananda. There area unit currently on the point of eighty locations worldwide, as well as many ashrams. Sivananda yoga relies on 5 principles, as well as the practices of posture, pranayama, and meditation. The mastery of twelve fastidiously chosen poses is at the core of this follow.

Sridaiva / Bowspring

After exploiting Anusara Yoga (see above) in 2012, John Friend started Sridaiva with Colorado studio owner Desi Springer. This vogue introduces a replacement alignment system, that they decided the bowstring.

It’s pretty completely different from alternative sorts of yoga therein the knees keep bent in several poses and also the pelvis is usually tipping forward to take care of the spinal curves. Proponents say they realize a replacement supply of strength and power from this alignment.


Viniyoga is that the term employed by T.K.V. Desikachar to explain the methodology that his father, revered teacher T. Krishnamacharya, developed late in his life.8 it’s supported AN personal approach to every student, making a follow that suits his or her distinctive stage of life and state of health. Even in cluster categories, Viniyoga is customized to suit every person’s specific desires.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga could be a follow developed, by teacher Paul Grilley to stretch the body’s animal tissue, significantly round the joints. to try to do this, specific poses area unit command over the course of many minutes. Grilley supposed this follow to arrange the body to be able to sit in long meditation sessions and to act as a counterpoint to movement-oriented vigorous principle varieties of yoga.


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