Solo female Travelers
10 Safest Destinations for Solo female Travelers

I’ve written quite a few articles on solo female traveler tips and why each lady ought to venture out on her own, however, I’m typically asked, “Where is it safe for ladies to travel solo?”

While some destinations are unit safer than others, the globe isn’t as chilling as some may assume. With a positive angle and general shrewdness, there is a unit of lots of places within the world wherever you’ll be able to feel safe and secure on your own.

Here is a unit ten of the safest destinations for Solo female Traveler!



Even though Iceland’s nickname of The Land of fireplace & Ice sounds daunting, solo travel is comfy and simple here. The town of the port is legendary for its music scene and nightlife, thus you’ll don’t have any downside meeting locals and fellow travelers.

There are a unit incalculable reasons to go to Iceland, however, it’s her natural beauty that steals the show. Be a part of a tour and snorkel or dive the Sulfa Fissure and hike an ice mass. And don’t miss a shower at the gorgeous Blue Lagoon!

Switzerland (Solo female Traveler)

From the drop-dead attractive mountain views, meadows on meadows of gorgeous wildflowers, and therefore the Rhone backdrops, the Swiss Confederation is one among the foremost picturesque countries.

If you’re visiting the Swiss Confederation within the winter, the Swiss Alps and Interlaken area unit is a requirement. If you’re inquisitive about watching beautiful design all day, Bern gets associate degree honor for being thus dang lovely.

Geneva was one of my favorite spots on my recent summer in Europe—with access to the shore, the jet deal, Park American state la farm, and more, it’s the right spot to be immersed within the Swiss culture.

New Zealand

New Zealand

Adventure awaits within the glaciers, beaches, and fjords of latest Zealand. In New Zealand, you’ll bump into a number of the foremost lovely landscapes within the world. If you don’t believe ME, raise fellow feminine travel blogger, Young venturer.



Australia is home to a number of the foremost numerous life and landscapes within the world, and it had been the destination of my initial ever solo trip abroad! I explored The Outback and Uluru, rode the Ghan Train, and hiked through Kata Tjuta and therefore the natural depression of the Winds.

You should conjointly explore the larger cities of the state capital, Melbourne and therefore the beautiful Gold Coast, however, don’t limit yourself—rent an automobile and hit the road.


Solo female Travelers
Solo Female Travelers

Nearly every place you enter Canada; you’ll be encircled by a philosophical system and a few of the foremost breathless landscapes your eyes have ever seen. Canadians have a name for being the friendliest individuals within the world and, whereas traveling alone here, you’ll see why!


With numerous marine life, a number of the world’s best diving, unbelievable natural beauty, and an important vanilla scent that follows you where you go, the islands of French Oceania could be a place that you’ve ne’er seen the likes of before.

It is thus breathless and an unforgettable destination that you’ll wish to come back to a year once a year.


Ireland might not be notable for nice weather, however, the Hibernia could be a place of happiness and brew. play up in an exceedingly native pothouse, catch a field game or head intent on the rural area for improbable Irish expertise.


Namibia is that the final road trip destination and an amazing destination year-round. Home to deserts and beautiful coastlines, it’s one of my favorite continent journeys to this point.

Located within the largest conservation space of the continent, Sossusvlei is breathless. On my initial trip to the Republic of Namibia, I spent seven epic days road-tripping in the Republic of Namibia. For my second trip, I explored the Skeleton Coast and stayed at Spitzkoppen Lodge!

Amsterdam, European nation(Solo female Traveler)

Known around the world for its liberal way and super chilled-out atmosphere. The capital of the Netherlands could be a fantastic place to hold out on your own. The canals area unit yours to explore as you discover the distinctive culture and nightlife of the town. Rent a motorbike and run into (not virtually of course) some friendly and easygoing Dutch locals.

Amsterdam’s restaurant and bon vivant culture have exploded, thus it’s a good time to visit!

While the capital of The Netherlands gets plenty of the hoopla, keep in mind that there’s most additional to ascertain within. The European country—here area unit ten places to go to within the Netherlands that isn’t Amsterdam!

A Cruise

While it’s not a particular destination, a cruise in any part of the globe could be nice travel expertise for solo feminine travelers. Get pleasure from the convenience of associate degree itinerary and secure accommodation. Take out once and attain multiple destinations while not having to book flights or accommodation.


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